We want to make sure every session with Web Manuals is both productive and enjoyable. We strive to make all parts of the tool easy to use. 


For those moments when an administrator forgets how to do something or is curious of a function that is new or isn't used every day we made guides for all of the major points of work in Web Manuals. These are designed to help both the beginner and the veteran.

Check them out on our guides page.


When a guide isn't enough or the situation isn't covered you can always contact us directly. Make sure to get in touch whenever you feel stuck, have a problem or just want to have a discussion about how to enhance you manual.

We are always happy to assist you!

You can contact us via web form, e-mail or phone. Whichever you prefer we will make sure your issue is logged and responded to in the best way we can.


Additional Information

Service desk is available on weekdays from 8:00 to 16:00 UTC+1 (Stockholm).